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Efficient 525 nm laser generation in single or double resonant cavity

This paper reports the results of a study into highly efficient sum frequency generation from 792 and 1556nm wavelength light to 525 nm wavelength light using either a single or double resonant ring cavity based on a periodically poled potassium titanyl phosphate crystal (PPKTP). By optimizing the cavity’s parameters, the maximum power achieved for the resultant 525 nm laser was 263 and 373 mW for the single and double resonant cavity, respectively. The corresponding quantum conversion efficiencies were 8 and 77% for converting 1556 nm photons to 525 nm photons with the single and double resonant cavity, respectively. The measured intracavity single pass conversion efficiency for both configurations was about 5%. The performances of the sum frequency generation in these two configurations was studied and compared in detail. This work will provide guidelines for optimizing the generation of sum frequency generated laser light for a variety of configurations. The high conversion efficiency achieved in this work will help pave the way for frequency up-conversion of non-classical quantum states, such as the squeezed vacuum and single photonstates. The proposed green laser source will be used in our future experiments, which includes a plan to generate two-color entangled photon pairs and achieve the frequency down-conversion of single photons carrying orbital angular momentum.


Table1:Summary of SFG around 525nm。


Fig. 1:The optimized parameters of cavity and input fields


Fig. 2:The optimized parameter in double resonant cavity.


Fig. 3:Experimental setups.


Fig. 4:Main results.


Fig. 5: Main results .

This work is publised in the journal of  Optics-Communications .

Shi-long Liu is the first author.