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On-Chip Multiplexed Multiple Entanglement Sources In a Single silicon nanpwire

The silicon-on-chip (SOI) photonic circuit is a very promising platform for scalable quantum  information technology for its low loss, small footprint, and its compatibility with CMOS as well astelecom communications techniques. Multiple multiplexed entanglement sources, including energytime,time-bin, and polarization-entangled sources based on 1-cm-length single-silicon nanowire, areall compatible with the (100-GHz) dense-wave-division-multiplexing (DWDM) system. Differentmethods, such as two-photon interference as well as Bell-inequality and quantum-state tomography,are used to characterize the quality of these entangled sources. Multiple entanglements are generatedover more than five channel pairs with high raw (net) visibilities of around 97% (100%). The emissionspectral brightness of these entangled sources reaches 4.2*10^5 /(s.nm.mW). The quality of the photonpair generated in continuous and pulse pump regimes are compared. The high quality of thesemultiplexed-entanglement sources makes them very promising for use in minimized quantumcommunications and computation systems.

This article was accepted by Physical Review Applied,

Yinhai Li is the first author.